Sustainability Statement

Art doesn't have to cost the earth

For Love Light Norwich, all the installations have been made as energy efficient as possible. When choosing the work exhibited, the energy needs and environmental impact was considered. Whenever possible, mains power is used rather than a generator, and the pieces will use low-energy LEDs.

Streetlights have been switched off or had the brightness reduced; saving power, and reducing light pollution. We have done our best to procure locally, and combine works and haulage to reduce the festival’s overall carbon footprint. The city centre procession celebrates the artistic possibilities of upcycling and recycling; utilising waste to make amazing creations.

Love Light Norwich also celebrates sustainable forms from transport. Our Glow Ride encourages people to experience the city by foot, or by cycle. We’re encouraging people who can walk or cycle into the city to do so, and to utilise public transport otherwise. The festival footprint is compact and walkable, so there’s no need to use a car to get around.

Want to be greener?

Travel into the festival by foot, bike, or public transport. If those are not accessible methods of transport for you, please consider lift-sharing with friends or family.

Please bring a reusable cup or bottle with you. That way you can get a hot drink, without needing a disposal cup. There will be downloadable maps if you don’t want a paper copy.