By Ulrike Behrendt

‘One Word’ is a public-lead life display of words to connect or start a communication or to find meaning, or maybe just to illuminate a building. Imagine you would only have one word to communicate – which one would you choose? Would your choice together with the words of others create a meaning? Could it start a communication? Could a meaning be created by animation, combination, translation?

About Ulrike Behrendt

Ulrike Behrendt started her formal education in art in 2019 achieving distinctions along the way. Over the last few years her main subject has been the artist’s and the object’s place in the rural landscape of Norfolk. Her work plays on the idea of meaning and significance in objects and images.

Growing up in a socialist dictatorship heightened for Ulrike the power of words and the messages found between the lines. Fluent in several languages, she explores meaning and connection of words in an often ironic way in a wide range of 2D and 3D processes and techniques. Her artwork aims to never be didactic but to invite the viewer to have conversation about social issues.

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Norwich University of the Arts, St Georges Street