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By Anastazia Smith 

Red Tape is a physical embodiment of the connections, complexities and channels of communication within relationships. I seek to illustrate how a situation may appear awkward from one view, yet a subtle shift in position can reveal new, harmonious perspective. It is the inaugural piece in a series entitled L.O.V.E: Liminal, Oblique, Visceral and Esoteric. I wish to explore the boundary between what we see and what we feel, creating an immersive experience which comfortably bridges these realms.

About Anastazia Smith

Anastazia Smith is a Fine Artist, whose practice is multidisciplinary; yet the focus is frequently sculpture. Her life, surroundings and experiences are her frame of reference. Very keenly driven by sustainability when sourcing materials - she is a self-described ‘Womble’, reusing and repurposing wherever she can. Kinetic sculpture has featured heavily in her work to date, “the bewitching nature of movement is magical, fascinating and captivating”. Her aspirations are broad-spectrum - from intimate, detailed pieces which engage on a personal level, to more conspicuous, larger scale works. “Art may be a personal vehicle, however the rhetoric is ambiguous, because everyone views the world through their own unique filter and that’s the beauty of it – it means something different to everyone”. Art as an ‘immersive experience’ is a line of enquiry she is exploring, but the core of her practice is likely to remain 3D.

Anastazia is highly motivated and relentless in her approach: a complex blend of inner vision, commonly coupled with being organically led by the limitations of whatever materials are to hand. “I do not feel my work will ever be complete. The resolutions are narratives, the narratives are resolutions. It is a never-ending cycle, for which I have an unquenchable thirst! There is always more, because life is in perpetual motion, bestowing never-ending inspiration and evolving perspective”.

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