Cupid's Castle

Cupids castle by Illuminos

By illuminos 

Cupid to the rescue! Norwich’s famous market is full of wonders, from jewels to food, clothes to crafts. People shop for these pieces, but they find only one half of the pair- the objects need help, they have lost their perfect partner, and only mighty Cupid can use his superpowers to bring them together. Salt finds pepper, sun finds moon, bee finds flower, bat finds ball, knife finds fork – so many individuals pair up perfectly, and Cupid is on a mission to help them connect.

He soars over the stalls, a modern day boy wonder - arrows flying and energy connecting up the myriad of objects in a shimmer of joy. Then like their object counterparts, people meet people, connections are made across the city, and love is found where cupid’s bow forms magnetic connections. Will everybody find their perfect match?

About Illuminos

Illuminos have for more than 10 years been creating visually inventive, memorable projection experiences,  always working to create something unique and specific to location and viewer. Formed around a principal of People, Site, Animation, combining elements of installation, dance, theatre, pyrotechnics and music, each project that they approach aims to capture the essence of a place, space or feeling as a shared moment of time. 

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Norwich Castle