Out of the Cocoon

Out of the Cocoon1 Amber Lights photo by Julian Hand

By Amber Lights 

This solar-powered sculpture sparkles with iridescent light, capturing the translucent beauty of a butterfly.

Created with sustainability at its heart, Out of the Cocoon interrogates the decimation of natural habitats, whilst celebrating the delicate strength of insects. Powered by solar power and illuminated with LED lights, this installation explores the impact of changing temperatures and the overuse of pesticides. 

Please note Out of the Cocoon will only be on display on Thursday 17 February.

About Amber Lights

Amber graduated with a BA in Textiles in 2014, since then has built up a sound customer base with her creative lighting for her interior and exterior spaces, transforming any dull space into an explosion of colour waves and patterns. 

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Photography by Julian Hand.


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