The Ghosts

crane angled wing by Studio Vertigo Resized

By Studio Vertigo

Soaring overhead, these luminous cranes are a symbol of hope and healing. This breath-taking installation was inspired by lockdown, where animals roamed through urban areas, rather than existing on the periphery of our cities as a ghostly presence. The Ghosts use cranes as their model, as in Japanese culture the crane is a mystical creature representing good fortune and longevity.

About Studio Vertigo

Studio Vertigo is a collaboration between Lucy McDonnell and Stephen Newby who work internationally to create light installations and sculpture. They create work that questions the relationship between objects, viewers and their environment. Their work has been shown internationally and recently been commissioned for Amsterdam Light Festival, Lumiere Durham, Uppsala Light Festival, CPH Copenhagen Light Festival, Vilnius Light Festival and Taiwan Lantern Festival.

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