Amor by Bilbobasso


13 - 14 February / 7pm - 7.40pm

Pyrotechnics and Performance by Bilbobasso

Amor is an explosive satire on married life, telling the story of a couple whose tenderness is starting to go sour. The smallest thing can lead to a blow-out - in fact everything ignites in their home! Cooking, laundry, vacuuming: activities and objects get caught in the ‘domestic’ and flame, smoke and sparks transform the everyday into a giant firecracker. Amor is a comedy, a fight, a duel; it’s unpredictable, a bit playful and a bit brutal. You’ll never bicker in the same way again!

Bilbobasso is pioneering in outdoor street fire theatre and we’re very happy to welcome them from France for their first performance in Norwich. The show is suitable for all but makes reference to adult themes.

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The Forum
Millennium Plain

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