Installation 1 300 dpi

By Philippa Champain

My piece for Love Light Norwich follows a theme of transformation, moving from dark to light, cold to warmth, isolation to belonging.

This is a story for all ages about a dark bird lost in the forest, lonely and misunderstood. Adults tell their children to keep away from the strange bird but they start to befriend her, realising that she is not scary but scared. They see that her dark feathers shine in the morning light.

One day she falls through the trees and lands in a child’s hands. She learns that the sun can shine even in Winter.

 About Philippa Champain

Philippa is primarily a printmaker and joined a printmaking co-operative, in 2015. She has exhibited widely with this group and independently.

She gained an advanced diploma in creative writing at UEA and the piece she has made for Love Light Norwich combines her interest in narrative and the overlooked and misunderstood in society as well as the non-judgemental perspective of children.

Philippa is currently in the second year of a Fine Art Masters at Norwich University of the Arts. She decided to embark on this following a career as an art psychotherapist working in mental health and as a teacher of children with special needs.

Although the visual arts have always been central to Philippa's working life she decided that she wanted to focus more fully on her own art practice and to explore this in more depth. Her Masters is proving to be a stimulating, challenging and exciting venture. 

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