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By Aaron Griffin

Our working-classes are often marginalised or overlooked particularly within the creative industries - excluding them from contributing to their own stories and narratives.

The Love light festival’s themes of community and inclusiveness seemed like a perfect opportunity to try and readdress that imbalance and I wanted to create a piece that would be fun and engaging for everyone attending the festival. The work is intended as a celebration of those communities who have and continue to do so much to protect us, keep us fed and care for our loved ones.

About Aaron Griffin

Aaron Scott Griffin is an artist, curator and project manager working across a variety of traditional and contemporary mediums. He was the founder and artistic director of We Came Here to Conquer - an artist led initiative that developed projects, exhibitions, and residencies in collaboration and alongside arts groups and institutions including Norwich University of the arts, Norwich Castle Museum and art galleries and The Dyad Collective.

As a practitioner the artist has contributed to several artist editions and exhibited in the UK as well as Europe, Asia, and the USA. Aaron is currently studying an MA in fine art at Norwich University of the arts.

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St Stephens Church