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A playful and fun audio-visual laser show celebrating Peace, Love, Unity & Respect. Created in collaboration with the d/Deaf/Usher community, and hearing people alike, this installation pays homage to 90s rave culture, neon signs, and the power of togetherness.

Become part of the art!

We want you to be part of the DeafPLUR audio laser show. Celebrating Peace, Love, Unity & Respect, this show celebrates togetherness and is created in collaboration with the d/Deaf/Usher community.

All you have to do is send in an audio recording of you saying Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, or photos of your hands signing the same (these signs are inspired by BSL)! Your voice or hands may then be included in the laser show. The voice recordings will be included in the soundscape, and simple outlines will be drawn of your hands and projected using lasers!

Send your voice note and photos of your signing via WhatsApp to 07535594919 by Monday 31 January.

How to submit audio:
Record yourself saying Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, in that order. 
Don't worry about sounding formal - the more relaxed the better!
Try to have as little background noise as possible.
Leave roughly 2 seconds of silence at the beginning and end.
If using a phone, position it roughly 2 -3 inches from your mouth.
Listen back to your recording before sending it!

How to submit photos:
Take photos of your hands signing Peace, Love, Unity, Respect.
Only take photos of your hands, not your face.
Send your signs as separate images.

Signs to send


Audio examples

Come to Love Light Norwich, and see if you can spot your hands, or hear your voice!



Simon AKA VJ OUTLAW, profoundly deaf since birth and Britain sign language user raised within the deaf community. His ambition is to become the first profoundly deaf Video Jockey [VJ] across the screen and the stage. For last 2 years a professional graphic designer for Deaf Rave with Troi Lee (Director) & involved with many other d/Deaf and usher groups across UK. Immersing himself into this community allows him to build strong networks & create unique and eye-catching shows for all d/Deaf and usher people.

Shaun PRICKIMAGE is a neurodiverse light artist focused on creating 2D, 3D & mixed reality digital graphics for immersive installations & main stage club, tours & festival performances. Recent light installations include MargatePLUR Laser installation at Turner Contemporary, MargatePLUR Light installation at Old Primark Building Margate & Smiley Spaceman interactive projected installation at Bargehouse Oxo Tower, London. Other highlights ‘Bright Brussels’ Light Festival, ‘Genius Loci Weimar’ Mapping Festival, Glastonbury, Melanie C tour visuals, Chemical Brothers film & Shoom club nights ['The London Club That Kicked Off Rave Culture']

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 Photography by Josh Garner INON Productions 


Please note that when sharing your images and voice messages with us, any personal information obtained as a result will be dealt with only in accordance with our Privacy Policy  and in any event, only for the purpose of the creation of artwork for which you are providing your images and voice messages. Any telephone numbers shall not be retained, processed or used by Norwich Business Improvement District, Love Light Norwich, or VisitNorwich.


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