Make A Wish

FSG Make a wish


Take a moment to believe in your dreams – inspired by the dandelion clock, this installation conjures the magic of nature and memories of childhood. Pause reality for a moment and make a wish.
Made by the craftsmen of FSG, Make a Wish has been created to spread a message of hope and joy to our community.

About FSG

Since 1963 Fitt Signs and Graphics has grown into East Anglia’s leading sign manufacturing company, the key to success is our ongoing commitment to quality and service, together with creativity and an uncompromising attention to detail. 

A message from FSG:

When I was a child, the magic of nature was never more obvious to me and my siblings, than when we were given dandelion heads by our mother to blow and make a wish.

The seeds would be taken on the air, we would squeal in joy as we tried to catch them.  

I wanted to share this on a mass scale! With the last few years of uncertainty, restrictions and pain, I wanted “Make A Wish” to spread a message of hope and joy to our home community. It’s a symbol that transcends all borders, race, religion, gender, disability and wealth.

Our objective is to utilise generations of craftsmen from FSG to bring this concept to life and ‘pause reality’ for a moment in time and encourage adults and children to once again, believe in their dreams.

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London Street- Intersport