Mobile Light-Graffiti

Nikola Dicke

By Nikola Dicke 

This interactive piece combines live drawing with projection, creating an ever-evolving illustration lighting up the 14th century flint walls of The Halls. You’re invited to chat to the artist, and suggest themes and content for the drawings, exchanging ideas and inspiring this intimate piece of art-performance. Over the evening, the light-drawing will change and grow – it’s worth stopping by several times to see this constantly changing piece of art. 

About Nikola Dicke

As a draughtswoman and painter, Nikola Dicke explores the boundaries of genres in installative and performative settings. She studied art education and liberal arts and has been working as a freelance artist since 2006. Since 2010 she has been travelling the world with her van, the mobile light drawing studio, to create her site-specific light drawings in front of her audience.

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Inside St Andrew's Hall