River of Love Procession

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By Norwich City Council 

Follow the River of Love as it flows through Norwich! This amazing procession features a fleet of illuminated boats, a giant octopus, and jellyfish flooding the streets.

This underwater spectacle features work from local artists, and will wind its way from Norwich Cathedral to Millennium Plain, giving everybody the chance to admire the carnival-style parade!

Themed around sustainability, the procession brings incredible art and performance together, and finishes with a grand finale from The Garage.

The parade starts in the Cathedral grounds, travels through Tombland to Bank Plain, then flows up London St to Gaol Hill, and across St Peters Street before the finale at Millennium Plain. There’s plenty of space to spread-out, and excellent vantage points to watch the Procession from. Plus, with amazing artwork throughout the city, there’s lots to see if you want to venture father afield.

About Norwich City Council 

Norwich City Council believes that culture plays an important part in keeping the city vibrant. Free festivals and events give a perfect opportunity for residents, visitors and businesses to celebrate the very best of what Norwich has to offer.

We are delighted to be working in partnership to help make this artistic addition to the cultural calendar happen.

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  • 19 Feb 2022 - 6pm to 7pm


Starts at Norwich Cathedral, ends at Millennium Plain